Rabbit’s Moon in EXPO S

Rabbit’s Moon in EXPO S

de Appel, Prins Hendrikkade 142, Amsterdam

During the exhibition the short film Rabbit's Moon (US, 17’17”) by American filmmaker Kenneth Anger is shown in EXPO S.

Filmed in 1950, Rabbit's Moon was not completed until 1972. Anger re-released the film in 1979, sped up and with a different soundtrack. Filmed under a blue filter and set within a wooded glade during the night, the plot revolves around a clown, Pierrot, his longing for the moon (in which a rabbit lives – a concept found in both Chinese and Aztec mythology), and his futile attempts to jump up and catch it. Subsequently, another clown (Harlequin) appears and teases Pierrot, showing him Columbina, with whom he appears to fall in love.

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