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"Fluiten in het Donker" presents…

"Fluiten in het Donker" presents 'Expert' Guided Tour

de Appel, Jongensschool, Eerste Jacob van Campenstraat 59

Samuel Beckett, "FILM", 1965, 35mm film transferred to DVD, black and white, sound, 21 minutes

Courtesy of Evergreen Review

Fluiten in het Donker is an exhibition ‘out of sync.’ Rather than creating a narrative trajectory, the exhibition emerges as a total occupation of de Appel Boys School – disturbed and disturbing. Sounds leak into the walls, a weapon hangs upon the facade of the building and a series of doors simultaneously produce anxiety and security. The exhibition space is thus re-cast as a field of infiltrations that are spatial and bodily.

On this Sunday, June 5th, the historical conditions of the building and the current interventions of Fluiten in het Donker are both subject to a 'live' risk assessment by a security professional.

The project Fluiten in het Donker by de Appel Curatorial Programme 2010/2011, is supported by SKOR| Foundation for Art and Public Domain in the framework of the institutional alliance between SKOR and de Appel. Made possible with the generous support of the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (AFK).

Leon Ferrari – Heliografías (series) , 1980-83. Heliographs on paper

collection (unintended)

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