Fluiten in het Donker : DNA Spray…

Fluiten in het Donker : DNA Spray Demonstration

Trouw, De Verdieping, Wibautstraat 27, Amsterdam

When walking around de Pijp, you may find yourself facing an orange street sign or sticker on a shop window that announces the presence of ‘SelectaDNA'. This is a unique security device that has been introduced across the Netherlands by a private company in close collaboration with the police force, with support of the city council.

‘You Steal, You’re Marked!’ - reads the tagline of the company SDNA, which claims a speciality in forensic marking.

de Appel Curatorial Programme 2010/11 invites SDNA to make a demonstration at Trouw/de Verdieping, Wibautstraat 27, Amsterdam, as part of an evening of events on the occasion of Art in Amsterdam (Entry: 7.50 Euro).

This event takes place as part of the expanded programming of the exhibition Fluiten in het Donker, which takes place from the 21st of May until the 26th of June at de Appel Boys' School.