"Weak Signals Wild Cards"

"Weak Signals, Wild Cards"

de Appel at de voormalige Shell-kantine, Shell-terrein, Tolhuisweg 1, Amsterdam
An exhibition and a day of lectures and performances in Amsterdam-Noord curated by the Curatorial Programme 08/09 of de Appel

Opening: Friday 26th June 2009, 7 pm

With refreshments by the Vrouwenbazaar and after party with the Routines

Venue: Shell Kantine, Shell Terrain, Tolhuisweg, Amsterdam (Pont Buiksloteweg) view via Google Map

Opening Hours Exhibition: Wed-Sun 12–6pm
Talks & performances: 2–8pm, Sunday 28th June 2009

Artists and contributors:
YOUNG-HAE CHANG HEAVY INDUSTRIES (KR/USA), Heman Chong (SG), Design Negation (NL), Flying City (KR), Yvonne Dröge Wendel (NL), Famed (DE), Andreja Kulunčić (HR), Alon Levin (USA/NL), Oda Projesi (TUR), Merijn Oudenampsen (NL), Laura Oldfield Ford (UK), Maria Pask (UK/NL), Lee Scrivner (USA/UK) and Yann Toma (FR)

Guided Tours:
Sun 5 July EN 3pm NL 3.30 pm
Sun 1 July EN 3pm NL 3.30 pm
Sun 19 July EN 3pm NL 3.30 pm
Sun 26 July EN 3pm NL 3.30 pm
Booking required. Please rsvp to info [​at​] weaksignals.nl to book attendance.

For the first time in decades, the Shell Research and Technology terrain in Amsterdam-Noord opens to a wider public with the de Appel Curatorial Programme ’08/’09 project "Weak Signals, Wild Cards". The project is an exhibition of commissioned works, talks and performances. The curators have invited ten international and local artists, artist collectives, and contributors from other fields to react to the development plans for Amsterdam-Noord and to imagine a set of alternative futures. After a period of research and meetings with local initiatives, the curators have taken as their starting point the current local situation and view it under its global conditions. The new commissions made by the artists are for and from the alternative futures that they have imagined and will be displayed for one month, with an opening event on 26th June accompanied by music from Dutch DJ duo The Routines, and food from the local initiative Vrouwenbazaar.

The title "Weak Signals, Wild Cards" uses two terms from futurology. Weak signals form a pattern of phenomena that serves as an indicator of possible future developments. Wild cards refer to events that are difficult to predict but have a high impact. Amsterdam-Noord, the largest borough in Amsterdam with a long industrial history, is undergoing a series of public and private initiatives that aim to revamp this traditionally working class area. The artworks, performances and presentations made for this project attempt to forecast the as yet unknown future of art in Amsterdam-Noord, and the result is a flush of utopias, dystopias, warning signals, and manifestos.

Through the commissioning of alternative futures "Weak Signals, Wild Cards" will compose a common body of imagination, seeking to problematise the ‘usefulness’ of art in city redevelopment, and the impact of regeneration on the existing population. In the current economic uncertainty where the conditions for urban regeneration may no longer hold fast, it becomes necessary to rethink what other kinds of urban structures, environments, and societies might be possible – and what artistic practices might result.

For further information: http://weaksignals.deappel.nl

Poster with Stickers Weak Signals, Wild Cards Curatorial Programme 2008/2009

affiche, 2009

Poster Weak Signals , Wild Cards

affiche, 2009

Weak Signals, Wild Cards

affiche, 2009