Jimmy Robert & Ian White – "MARRIAGE…

Jimmy Robert & Ian White – "MARRIAGE A LA MODE ET COR ANGLAIS"

De Brakke Grond, Nes 45, Amsterdam

Since 2006 arts centre de Appel produces and presents, under the header ‘Situations' and occasionally in collaboration with partner institutions, a series of ‘performances' that take place on its own premises and on alternative occasions. Within the framework of the Something Raw festival and in collaboration with Theater & Productiehuis Gasthuis/Frascati, Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond and STUK - Leuven, de Appel presents the Dutch premiere of "MARRIAGE A LA MODE ET COR ANGLAIS" by Jimmy Robert (FR/BE) & Ian White (GB).

"Marriage à la Mode et Cor Anglais"
opens with a reference to Mapplethorpe's famous portrait of the artists Robert Wilson and Philip Glass. It is a performance by Jimmy Robert and Ian White that explores a boundary between the still image and movement via repetition, artificiality, posing and moralist and the reciting of texts by e.g. Ronald Barthes and Frank O'Hara. Choreographed for the theatre, it combines text, music and image into a language of stylized actions. Robert and White's previous performance at Tate Britain (2004) translated the act of spending time together into a unique work that incorporated a performance of Yvonne Rainer's seminal 1966 dance Trio A.

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Meet the Makers: Friday the 8th of February at 7.30 pm

On Friday the dramaturge Robert Steijn of the SNDO (the School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam) will talk to Jimmy Robert and Ian White about performative practice which oscillates between the white cube and the black box.

Location: de Appel. Language: English. Admission Free.
Reservation required:

Jimmy Robert & Ian White – Marriage à la mode et Cor Anglais