"The Power of Listening”

"The Power of Listening”

Frascati, Amsterdam


an evening about audiences, collective consciousness and politics

By Nicoline van Harskamp, one of four artists shortlisted this year for the Prix de Rome, the Dutch state prize for visual arts and architecture.

De Appel, together with Witte de With (Rotterdam) is exhibition partner of the Prix de Rome 2009 exhibition that will take place from 10 May up to June 14 2009 at several locations. Frascati Theater kindly supports several events in the process of the work of Harskamp.

What happens in our brain when we listen to public speakers?
Do the things that we hear add up to a collective field of knowledge?
Does that field have substance?
Does it have language?
Can it be instrumental in politics?

On Friday the 6th of March, a panel of experts will try to tackle these questions, through presentations, video- and audio examples and discussion. You are very welcome to join in and form part of what will be at the core of the evening: the audience. The guests will be:

Professor Jaap Murre, University of Amsterdam on formation and decline of memory
Meyke Beekman, listening expert on techniques of listening
Jan Storms, teacher in the Vedic tradition on consciousness and politics
Professor Dick Bierman, University of Amsterdam on the Global Consciousness Project
Tineke Brackel, Internationales Forum Politische Aufstellungen on fields of political knowledge

The audience is invited to give a (telephone) interview about the evening in the week following the 6th of March. The interviews will be processed by Nicoline van Harskamp in a scenario for a new work. More information will be given at the end of the evening.

Friday 6th of March, 7.30 pm - 9.30 pm
Frascati 3, Theater Frascati, Nes 63, Amsterdam
The evening will be held in English. Entrance is free.
Reservations via Frascati: 020 626 6866
For more information, contact Nicoline via mail@vanharskamp.net or 020-5270390

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