Nicole Beutler "The Sensation is Real"

Nicole Beutler "The Sensation is Real"

de Appel, Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 10, Amsterdam
During the whole of 2007, de Appel will produce and present 'Situations', consisting of a series of 'performances' given at regular intervals by a variety of performers - ranging from visual artists to choreographers and writers - who will examine the notion of the 'live moment'.

Choreographer, theatremaker and performer Nicole Beutler (Munich 1969) has developed, especially for de Appel, 'The Sensation is Real', a 'performative bookpresentation'. It is also the title of the intruiging little book, which was published as parallel work to the performance 'Enter Ghost'. This year, for the first time, de Appel has entered a partnership with springdance/festival, a yearly international comtemporary dance- and performance festival in Utrecht, where 'Enter Ghost' will be performed in theater Kikker.
'The Sensation is Real' proposes a poetic journey through a personal archive of ghostly potential. It contains countless historical references and connections between sΓ©ances - as they were fashionable in the 19th century -, fairies, Noh theater and the Shakespearean proposals of the supernatural. Beutler guides you through the exhibition rooms of de Appel and poetically seduces you into her ghostly and supernatural world.

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After the performance the book can be bought during an after-party in de Appel - with drinks and dj.
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