John Knight "Lecture"

John Knight "Lecture"

de Appel, Prinseneiland 7, Amsterdam
‘John Knight (1945), a Los Angeles artist associated with late conceptual art, is involved in the boundaries between art, architecture and design. Not with the aim of making objects which withdraw themselves from these categories but of using these objects to show just how vague these boundaries are and how close one discipline is to the other when the context itself is subject to closer inspection. Thus, in a commercial context, a logo has a clear function but a logo-like form in a museum suddenly refers to the artist and his or her authorship. Knight creates forms which can function in both worlds and therefore are always visually ambiguous in character. De Appel invited John Knight to make a proposal and first of all to give a lecture about his work. It is possible that he will take the opportunity to talk about 'Dutch Design' which (under the motto of Holland in Shape) will be honoured on a large scale by a number of museums on the Netherlands this year.’ (‘Visually ambiguous’, Newsletter De Appel, 2 (1987) 1.)