Onder invloed van Mercurius

Onder invloed van Mercurius

het Scheepvaartmuseum, Kattenburgerplein 1, Amsterdam
‘De Appel Foundation invites you to attend a symposium on the visual arts and alchemy, to be held on Friday, October 19, from 1:30 to 10:30 pm in the Maritime Museum, Kattenburgerplein 1, Amsterdam. The Maritime Museum opens at 10 am, when works will be shown by Marco Bagnoli, Joseph Beuys, Waldo Bien, Luciano Fabro, Christine Hamelberg, Rebecca Horn, Pieter Mol, Robert O’Brien/Irene Fortuyn, Tom Puckey and Ulay/Abramovic. Symposium programme: 1:30 Introduction 2:00 Marcel Messing on 'Alchemy, transmutation and transfiguration' 3:00 Thomas McEvilley on 'Art and the hermetic sciences' 4:00 Interval 4:30 Showing of the film 'La Ferdinanda', by Rebecca Horn 6:00 Bruno Corà: 'Avviso ai naviganti' ('Warning to passengers') 7:00 Meal, opportunity to view the works 8:15 Robert O'Brien on 'Alchemy and micro-electronics' 9:00 Forum discussion led by Fons Elders (philosopher), with: Marina Abramovic (artist), Antje von Graevenitz (art historian), Dick Hillenius (biologist/author), Piet Meeuwse (editor of Revisor) and Peter Warnaar (doctor/author).’ (Invitation De Appel)

Bruno Corà – Avviso ai naviganti Onder Invloed van Mercurius

affiche, 1984

Onder invloed van Mercurius