Cristina Iglesias "Cristina Iglesias"

Cristina Iglesias "Cristina Iglesias"

de Appel, Prinseneiland 7, Amsterdam
‘Entering an exhibition of sculptures by Iglesias, one is overcome by an experience which at first sight seems impossible to resist. The work as it were compels the viewer to keep a distance and seems impregnable, like a fortress. One’s eyes are confronted with the unassailable, the impossibility of visual penetration. The work seems to want to take a life of its own. I am here, you are there: noli me tangere. This ‘physical’ presence is an obstacle to any attempt to approach: it creates distance and makes explicit a clear separation between subject and object. But this rejection changes into an invitation as soon as the realisation dawns that this is the outside and that the sculpture also has an inside. ’ (Bart Cassiman, Cristina Iglesias, Amsterdam (De Appel) 1990, p. 15.) Catalogue: Cristina Iglesias, 1990. Text Bart Cassiman. Dutch & English. Biography. 24 pp. 3 f.c. 6 b.w. 16.2 x 22 cm. Soft cover. Design Irma Boom. SOLD OUT
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