de Appel, Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 10, Amsterdam

‘The exhibition presents the work of Mark Bain, Yael Bartana, Sebastián Díaz Morales, Ângela Ferreira, Ksenia Galiaeva, Tracey Rose, Bülent Sangar, and Jun Yang. inthemeantime... is a segment between two points. It is not a departure nor an arrival, but a moment that almost functions as a number of stills that are isolated from a film creating a new situation. The exhibition inthemeantime... will present the videos, installations and photography of eight artists focusing on narratives of site and movement. All art works are derived from a particular situation and consciousness, extracting observations and private histories from the artists' archive of personal experiences. This consciousness prompts the artists to deal with the political, the geographical, and the everyday in a non-didactic way. No conclusions drawn, however. Rather than a single obvious reading, there are several readings that are available. A constant oscillation between reality and fiction, fiction and documentary, the communal and the private realm of the individual is offered. The art of Sebastián Díaz Morales and Bülent Sangar emphasises an awareness of their 'in between status'. Yael Bartana's and Tracey Rose's work confronts the spectator, while distancing him/her from their intense experience. Jun Yang, Ksenia Galiaeva and Ângela Ferreira investigate the interplay of time and space, the now and the before, and the way we can relate to their perceptions, whereas Mark Bain's nearly imperceptible sound paths unconsciously stop the visitors in their tracks.’ (Press release De Appel) inthemeantime... was organized by the CTP curators Hilde de Bruijn (The Netherlands), Barbara Clausen (Austria), Dominique Fontaine (Canada/Haïti), Ilina Koralova (Bulgaria), Livia Páldi (Hungary) and Nuno Sacramento (Portugal). Catalogue: inthemeantime..., 2001. Bain, Bartana, Ferreira, Galieva, Diaz Morales, Rose, Sangar, Yang. Text: Hilde de Bruijn, Barbara Clausen, Dominique Fontaine, Arthur Japin (Dutch), Maria Johnson, Ilina Koralova, Livia Paldi, Nuno Sacramento, Christa Wolf. English. 64 pp., 16 f.c., b.w., 15 x 17 cm. Soft cover. Design: goodwill. ISBN 90 73501 53 9. € 12,-.

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