London Video Arts

London Video Arts

de Appel, Brouwersgracht 196, Amsterdam
London Video Arts (LVA) was established in 1976 by a group of English artists who wanted to stimulate the production, presentation and distribution of independent video work. To this end they set up a video library and began organizing video exhibitions both inside and outside Britain. In 1980 the LVA was still operating out of an office, but they had plans to create a non-commercial centre for video work where independent video producers would be able to show and produce their work. On 20 February 1980 De Appel showed the following selection from the LVA collection: Kit Fitzgerald & John Sanborn, Exchange in three parts, 1977, 30 minutes, colour David Hall, TV Fighter (Cam Era Plane), 1977, 11 minutes, black/white Tamara Krikorian, In the Mind's Eye, 16 minutes - Unassembled Information, 10 minutes - Vanitas, 10 minutes Marceline Mori, La Belle et la Bête, 1977, 9 minutes, black/white - Deuxième et troisième identités, 1977, 9 minutes, black/white - Fast-Forward, 1978, 9 minutes, black/white Steve Partridge, Episodes - Interposed, 1979, 31 minutes, colour, stereo (Invitation De Appel, February 1980.)
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