General Idea "Test Tube"

General Idea "Test Tube"

de Appel, Brouwersgracht 196, Amsterdam
'General Idea's Test Tube uses news magazine, sit com and advertising formats, with a barrage of special effects to create a futuristic self-portrait, a prediction of the artist in the media-saturated universe of the eighties.' Test Tube (1979, colour, 28 minutes) is produced by De Appel, as the first in a series of programmes designed by artists for television. The cast of the production consisted of: Marina Abramovic, A.A. Bronson, Bill, Bob de Buy, Robert Handforth, Marianne van Kersen, Raul Marroquin, Felix Partz, Tom Puckey, Wies Smals, Louwrien Wijers and Jorge Zontal. (Press release De Appel)

General Idea – Test tube

affiche, 1979