Equal rights for everyone?! Family…

Equal rights for everyone?! Family Sunday creative workshop

de Appel, Tolstraat 160, Amsterdam

To accompany the exhibition Edgelanders at de Appel, visual artist and human rights activist Elke Uitentuis will conduct a workshop for parents and children. This creative workshop will introduce topics such as human rights, activism and solidarity through writing, coloring and drawing.

The workshop ties in with the exhibition in which artists Ehsan Fardjadniya and Raul Balai plan to start a tribunal against the city of Amsterdam. They demand that the city comply with its ethical and legal obligations. What can you do if human rights are not respected? What are your rights as a non-adult? And how can you as a child or teenager advocate for the rights of other children? During this workshop you will learn how to express yourself creatively, and how to make your voice heard.

This is an open workshop, on a free walk-in basis. Registration is not required. The workshop is for parents and children and is available in both Dutch and English. Recommended age: 6 years and up.

This Family Sunday is part of the Amsterdam Art Week program.

Elke Uitentuis

Elke Uitentuis (b. 1977) is a visual artist, human rights activist, mother and a full-time collaborator. From 2005 to 2013, Elke was part of the artist duo Osterholt/Uitentuis. Osterholt/Uitentuis realized projects aimed at defining people's relationship with their immediate environment in Amsterdam, Cairo, Istanbul and Los Angeles. At the moment when the collaboration between Osterholt and Uitentuis came to an end, the refugee collective We Are Here started their protest in Amsterdam. Elke became involved with this group of refugees fighting for their basic human rights. Together they founded Here to Support. This foundation set up the We Are Here Academy - a school for refugees in limbo - and several art projects such as the theater piece Labyrinth, and the cooking project Wij Zijn Hier, Wij Koken Hier. Elke left Here to Support in 2017 to work for the Vluchtmaat, a temporary shelter for 40 undocumented refugees and a workspace for artists and social entrepreneurs. This is where the art collective We Sell Reality came to life. We Sell Reality reflects on the paradox of closed borders for some and open borders for others. For immigrants without wealth, these borders prove almost impossible to cross.