Launch of Album “A Janitor's…

Launch of Album “A Janitor's Manifesto” by Gunnar Gunnsteinsson


About the project
A Janitor's Manifesto, Gunnar's second studio album, musically describes and fictionally revises a real time in Gunnar's life when, next to his composition work, he was employed part-time as a janitor at Lely; an Amsterdam-based, communal, artist's housing complex, in which he also lived. The album was recorded and produced in Amsterdam and Reykjavik between 2017 and 2021.

Since de Appel is moving to the Diamantbuurt beginning of 2024, this will be the last event at the Lely. It is the most fitting farewell, to listen together to the Janitor’s manifesto which he wrote during his time at the building where we have spent the last seven years.

Gunnar Gunnsteinsson is accompanied by his band, consisting out of Bergur Anderson, Ragnar Árni Ólafsson and Robert Nettleship

Recorded and produced in Amsterdam and Reykjavík in the years 2017 – 2021
Words and music by Gunnar Gunnsteinsson
Lyrics in Á speed dial written in collaboration with Annahita Asgari
Co-production and mixing by Juho Nurmela
Mastering by Pauli Saastamoinen
Photography by Bergur Anderson and Katrina Niebergal, featuring artwork by Katrina Niebergal
Cover design by Koos Siep and GnaxType

Gunnar Gunnsteinsson is an artist and composer, living and working in Reykjavik. His work includes (sound) installations, film scoring and musical education.

Futura Resistenza is a Brussels-Rotterdam based record label. Futura Resistenza operates somewhere on the edges of performance, music and the visual arts. Interdisciplinary at its core, for Futura Resistenza a concert is never just a concert and a record reaches far beyond just what meets the ear. The label invites musicians and artists with direct personal connections within its community, as well as people who they simply admire and want to see published or on stage. Futura Resistenza was founded by Frédéric Van de Velde, who formerly worked for WORM and DE PLAYER in Rotterdam and used to run a bedroom-sized music venue called Antenne.


Walk-in at 18:30 (bar is open)

Concert at 20:00 (location: Aula)

Afterdrinks at 21:00 +/-

Doors closed at 22:30