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The Land in the Landscape

The Land in the Landscape

de Appel, Schipluidenlaan 12, Amsterdam

Image: Installation view from “Mafolofolo” (2022) by MADEYOULOOK

A conversation between MADEYOULOOK and Yazan Khalili

de Appel is thrilled to host Molemo, Nare and Yazan for a conversation which has started during documenta fifteen’s various majelises and working groups about imaging and imagining landscapes.

What are the modes of visual language-making that represent the multiplicities of relationship with the land, within contexts of occupation, deterritorialisation, ecological collapse and colonial inheritances and presents? imag(in)ing the land is a discussion on strategies for imaging landscape and imagining its better futures, particularly through the mediums of film, photograph, text and sound. Join us for a conversation between the artist collaborative MADEYOULOOK and artist Yazan Khalili as they consider these and other questions on landscape.



MADEYOULOOK is an artist collaborative between Molemo Moiloa and Nare Mokgotho. Their work takes as its point of departure everyday black practices that have either been historically overlooked or deemed inconsequential. In reworking and interrupting how we view these ordinary lived experiences, we are ‘made to re-look’ and question societal relations. MADEYOULOOK have considered subjects such as models of memorialisation of histories and oral traditions, black love and urban public space, hierarchies of knowledge creation and dissemination, and the socialities of land.

Yazan Khalili

Yazan Khalili works in and out of Palestine, and is currently based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. He is an architect, visual artist, and cultural producer working across various media to unravel historically constructed landscapes. His work explores the effect of geographical distance on our interpretation of territory, and its ability to amplify or arrest our political and sentimental attachments. He is the co-founder of Radio Alhara, and a member of the collective Question of Funding.