Public programme: Filmscreening and…

Public programme: Filmscreening and conversation Inas Halabi & Lara Khaldi


Public programme
Inas Halabi – After the Last Sky

Artist Talk Inas Halabi in conversation with artistic director Lara Khaldi

Lara Khaldi and Inas Halabi will engage in conversation about the three works presented in the exhibition at de Appel. Centering around the visible and invisible slow violence in the landscape, the exhibition After the Last Sky by Inas Halabi is a rich soil for cultivating questions about how to represent and perceive violence in the image and whether we can trust images.

Three works are displayed: We No Longer Prefer Mountains (2023) takes place in the Druze town of Dalyet el Carmel, in northern Palestine. Shrouded in mysticism, the film shows a locale shaped by co-optation, coercion, and control. We Have Always Known the Wind’s Direction (2019–2020) explores the physical and metaphorical effects of radiation. Hopscotch (the Centre of the Sun’s Radiance) (2021) takes listeners on a sonic trip into the histories of labour and the extraction of resources in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Belgium.

Everyone is welcome to attend the Artist Talk. Please note: the conversation will be in English. If you want to view all the works beforehand, it is smart to set aside about two hours.