Museumnacht 2022

Museumnacht 2022

de Appel, Schipluidenlaan 12, Amsterdam

Programme Museumnacht 

7:00pm – end: Domestic Optimism and super feelings episode 4: Sanctuary Sites are open

7:50 – 9:50pm: Karaoke-set, hosted by de Appel's team and the Curatorial Programme 2022

9:50 – 11:50: Disco Arabesquo

De Appel makes time and space for artists and allies to pose vital questions, and to (re)discover their spatial and poetic environs. ​​Currently on view in the main Aula space is super feelings, the Curatorial Programme’s exhibition which consists of four consecutive episodes by artists Jota Mombaça, Paola Siri Renard, Thuy-Han Nguyen-Chi and Kate Cooper. super feelings breathes, moves, grows and expands. It is a living exhibition that stretches out its tentacles and feels around. super feelings poses the question what would happen if the contours of a poem and those of an exhibition would blur, and melt into one. During Museumnacht the fourth and final episode by artist Kate Cooper, Sanctuary Sites, will be on view.

Also on show in de Appel’s Livingroom will be artist and activist Emma Wolf Haugh’s total work Domestic Optimism – consisting of film, sculpture, textile works and images. Domestic Optimism deals with 20th century architecture. Specifically, it deals with its historical narrative and ongoing influence in relationship to the shifting norms within the social, cultural and economic evolution(s) of post-colonial western society. Wolf-Haugh is interested in the dilemmas that came with such transformation, especially the dilemmas of the pride with which modernism wrote its own history. This project exhibits not so much an installation, as much as a collection of works and ongoing research. As a whole Domestic Optimism focuses on the life and work of Irish-born self-taught modernist architect Eileen Gray (1878-1976) whose work is only recently enjoying visibility, however whose queerness – in life and her designs – was never quite recognized or understood.

Moreover, during Museumnacht de Appel will host the archive of Disco Arabesquo, a collection of music from the Arab speaking world during the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. A time wherein traditional sounds and instruments were combined with Western influences, revealing the intersectionality between the two and how this portrays a ‘splash of civilizations’. DJ Arabesquo will play a two-hour live-set during Museumnacht.

Museumnacht at de Appel will offer a programme that elaborates on the poetic aspect of time and space, and the audience’s body as potential receptor of both. As well, the collection of Disco Arabesquo elaborates on the concept of archives as form of narrative, something de Appel itself is very invested in through its own illustrious Archive.

Please note: During Museumnacht a shuttlebus will drive in between the locations of Nieuw-West that participate: de Appel, Van Eesteren Museum, MAQAM, and de Vlugt. More information about the timetablecan be found here.