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BUSY DAY radio broadcast by Christine…

BUSY DAY radio broadcast by Christine Sun Kim and Thomas Mader

Ja Ja Ja Nee Nee Nee, Amsterdam
Friday 7 July 2017, 00:00 – Saturday 8 July, 24:00
Listen now to the intervention BUSY DAY ), originally conceived for French Radio program Web SYNadio (2014), Berlin-based artists Christine Sun Kim and Thomas Benno Mader invited 24 participants to contribute by recording the busiest hour of their day. Participants’ files were then compiled as a 24 hour long play list titled BUSY DAY along with a description of each individual hour.

Each contributor’s hour description is available online, to make the project not only sonically but also conceptually accessible for viewers who prefer to read. Please find the PDF with all descriptions here: ( BUSY DAY PDF )

Excerpt from the invitation letter to the contributors: “I’m writing about the radio playlist collaboration I am working on with Thomas Mader. It’s for an online radio station in France called webSYNradio. Since they broadcast 24/7 worldwide, Thomas and I have been thinking about what would best capture the sound of being “busy” in our times. We would like to constitute an actual full day of “busy” sounds by inviting participants to record themselves for an hour during their studio time, ranging from reading to thinking to talking to typing, or all combined. After we receive an hour-long file from each participant, we will arrange them as a full day and invite the public to tune in and listen. This way we will create a sort of “archive of busy”, raw material people can use to get inspired, to procrastinate or to satisfy their voyeuristic tendencies.


00. Taeyoon Choi, Artist/Teacher ) 01. Bill Dietz, Composer ) 02. Matana Roberts, Musician ) 03. Aron Sanchez, Musician ) ) 04. Joseph del Pesco, Director/Curator ) ) 05. Gordon Hall, Artist ) 06. Pauline Oliveros, Musician/Teacher ) ) 07. Zach Layton, Artist ) 08. David Horvitz, Artist ) 09. Marc Handelman, Artist ) 10. Tully Arnot, Artist ) 11. Deville Cohen, Artist ) 12. Ryan Holladay with Hays Holladay, Musicians/Sound Artists ) 13. Gryphon Rue with Cosmo Sheldrake, Musicians ) ) 14. Anna Moschovakis, Writer ) 15. Harper Reed, CTO/Hacker ) ) 16. Shoham Arad, Designer/Director ) ) 17. Alison O’Daniel, Artist ) 18. Taylor Davis, Artist ) 19. Alexandro Segade, Artist ) 20. Jordan Robin, Artist ) 21. William Tucci, Musician ) 22. Hank Willis Thomas, Artist ) 23. Lisa Yun Lee, Director/Curator ) 20. Jordan Robin, Artist ) 21. William Tucci, Musician ) 22. Hank Willis Thomas, Artist ) 23. Lisa Yun Lee, Director/Curator )

EDITIONS #01 CSK / Christine Sun Kim

collection (unintended), 2017