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In-Out Center Archives

In-Out Center Archives

de Appel, Schipluidenlaan 12, Amsterdam
Launch In-Out Center Archives website Wednesday 13 December, 17:00
Please join us for a programme of performance, talks and interviews on 13 December at De Appel. Doors open at 16:30, with programme starting 17:00 sharp.

In-Out Center archives releases all of the assembled facts and details about the 44 events and exhibitions held in In-Out Center from 24 november 1972 until the end of 1974. In-Out Center was the first artist-run space in Amsterdam, located at Reguliersgracht 103, and legendary because of its ground-breaking, uncompromising artistic programme.

Members of the centre included: Michel Cardena, Raúl Marroquin, Ulises Carrión, Hreinn Fri∂finnsson, Kristján Gudmundsson, Sigurdur Gudmundsson, Hetty Huisman, gerrit jan de rook and Pieter Laurens Mol. Each of these members consecutively invited a guest, or group of guests, facilitating inspiring international exchanges wholly unique for its time.

Among the many offshoots of In-Out Center, De Appel is widely viewed as its most significant successor. From 1974 onwards, Wies Smals embraced performance, video and other time-based arts, continuing and expanding the cutting edge artistic attitude In-Out Centre first pioneered in Amsterdam.

After hosting the critically acclaimed In-Out Center now about a year ago, De Appel continues its support of this art historical project with the launch of its website.
The programme consists of flash lectures from PSWAR, Manifold Books, Kulter, Marwan, Corridor Project Space, at7 projectspace, a performance by the Icelandic artist Styrmir Örm Gudmundsson, and an interview with Sigurdur Gudmundsson in which the old times of radical innovation will be viewed in the light of current grassroots initiatives. While the website is meant to preserve and share the bits and pieces of In-Out Center’s for eternity, its launch is a one-off happening!

Curators of the website are Tineke Reijnders and Corinne Groot. They would like to thank all the artists involved in In-Out Center, as well as the team of De Appel, Jaap Harten Fonds and Mondriaan Fund. Special thanks to Katja van Stiphout for the apt web design and Jeroen Vader for making it all possible technically.

After the event the cantina next to De Appel; Mixtree, serves a Mediterranean menu of the day consisting of sahib, two salads, humus, pita bread, and grilled vegetables for 13.50 euro. Please make a reservation at catering.mixtree [​at​] gmail.com
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