Paul Chan

Paul Chan (1973)


1973, China, lives/works in Omaha (USA).
The Hong Kong-born Paul Chan is an artist as well as an activist. In 2003 he went to Baghdad as a volunteer, working for the organisation Voices of Wilderness. His graphic work and cartoons are politically oriented. Together with the French collective Friends for William Blake, he produced The People’s Guide to the Republican National Convention, a fold-out map designed as an ‘all-purpose tip sheet’ for the city of New York. The People’s Guide not only accentuated New York’s public buildings (police stations, libraries, hospitals, etc.) but also identified such RNC locations as the hotels used by different delegations and those of the sex industry. In addition, it contained an extensive outline for activists and tips on avoiding arrest. His work was included in 2004 in the Carnegie International at the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburg.