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Sigurdur Atli Sigursson, Dustin Cauchi, Martina Conti
Rita Canarezza, Pier Paolo Coro, Alessandro Castiglioni
Mousse Publishing, 2013
96 pages, 15.5 × 21.5 cm, English, Italian
book hardcover


Tradition has it that Monte Titano, where the city of San Marino stands, takes its name from the imposing, majestic view of the mountain that greeted mariners in ancient times when they sailed across the Adriatic. The persecuted Christian stonemason Marinus found refuge on Titano and the community around him grew into a Res Publica. The project /ti’tano/, curated by Alessandro Castiglioni for “Mediterranea 16 - Errors Allowed,” the biennial held in Ancona in 2013, develops around this historic peak and, in particular, around its name, taken from that of a mythological giant. The book documents the intense work sessions that have given rise to an open platform, where knowledge is self-generated through negotiation among different viewpoints, involving the artists — Sigurdur Atli Sigursson, Dustin Cauchi, Martina Conti, Viola Conti, Joan Martin Christiansen, Fedora Saura, Klaengur Gunnarsson, Anna Hilti, Vera Kox, Daniel Arellano Mesina, Teodora Nikcevic, Minna Öberg, Karin Ospelt, Michela Pozzi, Simone Rastelli, Arnaud Rolland, Paolo Tognozzi, Leontios Toumpouris —from various countries in Europe, and presents the artworks and research that have grown out of this context.

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