Audre Lorde: Dream of Europe — Reading Group #4
A Woman Speaks with Nancy Jouwe

Saturday October 11, 2020

*Due to the increased COVID-19 safety measures we have moved the Dream of Europe reading group to participation via Zoom only.*

In A Woman Speaks, our fourth reading group for Audre Lorde: Dream of Europe, we return this time with Nancy Jouwe as our guest reader. This time, we will read pages 165 t/m 192, consisting of a large section of Audre Lorde's readings in Berlin from 1984 until 1992. In these readings Lorde reads her own poetry, and discusses subjects such as queerness, female relationships and women as warriors.

Nancy Jouwe (b. 1967) is a cultural historian, lecturer, researcher, public speaker and one of the co-founders of Framer Framed. She has also been active in the NGO sector as a manager, director and cultural producer, with a focus on intersectionality, colonial history, arts, heritage and intercultural dialogue since 1993.

As an activist Nancy Jouwe has been involved in with local squatters and transnational queer, indigenous, and women’s movements, incl. in SE Asia and the South Pacific since the 80s and 90s. She comes from a family of political refugees that fled Indonesia in the beginning of the 60s, as her father was a political leader in the Papuan independence movement. She wrote extensively about Papuan issues, including women’s rights and the Papuan diaspora.