The ongoing genocide in Palestine remains an urgent call to action. On May 11th, Cinetol organises an extensive fundraising program with live music, dj's, poetry and more. De Appel joins Cinetol's Palestina Fundraiser Festival with a dabke workshop and a print kiosk. Please find the full program on Cinetol's website.

Print Kiosk
De Appel invited five artists (Karin Iturralde Nurnberg, Arvo Leo, Marishka Soekarna, Wouter Stroet and Victor Santamarina) to contribute an artwork. The artworks are riso-printed in a small edition of 30 by no kiss?, and can be purchased at de Appel's Print Kiosk.

Dabke workshop
Dabke is a Levantine folk dance combining circle and line formations, with each rhythmic stomp and synchronised movement passed on through generations that affirm connection with the land. There are different variations of dabke, from country to region, from city to village. Dabke is also known for being part of the Palestinian resistance movement for centuries. A dabke event-workshop takes place this Saturday, May 11, on the outdoor square of de Appel’s new location, where participants are introduced to a score which embodies protesting or convivial coming-together. The workshop is facilitated by Dabke Night and is suitable for adults and teenagers; no prior dancing experience is required.

Dabke Night was created to connect newcomers and locals and to make room for Arab music in the Dutch cultural field. For over seven years, it has actively been organizing dabke events, lessons and workshops in the Netherlands and abroad with a diverse team of Palestinian, Dutch and Syrian dancers.

The capacity for the workshop is limited, please reserve a spot by clicking the button below.