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The Education Initiatives of de Appel stimulate different ways of learning by listening to our bodies. We give time and space to existing skills, knowledges and experiences that are often overlooked or undervalued in our formal educational systems. Together we learn how we can connect 'differently' to the structures of our society. By collaborating with artists and engaging through artistic processes, we learn how to be 'wise' in different ways. This way we can build other structures, tell different stories and create new communities.

Schools and Community

What does it mean to move an art institution from the centre of Amsterdam to Amsterdam Nieuw-West? What processes of change does this set in motion in the institution and in the neighbourhood? And which role do we play within the ongoing gentrification of the city?

These were some of the questions we asked ourselves and our new neighbourhood when Amsterdam Nieuw-West became our home base in 2017. Nieuw-West is a relatively young district with an interesting history and heaps of talent. Gentrification is painfully changing the dynamics for individuals, organisations and artists in Amsterdam's largest district.

We started by listening to our new neighbourhood and asked the questions above to community centres, schools, families, artists and other individuals. From these conversations the Education Initiatives emerged, and we set up a number of long-term collaborations with community schools and organisations.

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