Audiovisual material
Ulay – Fototot

Ulay – Fototot

Galerie Beyer, Wuppertal
High Density, mp4, MPEG, black/white


This video is the registration of the performance called Identity Analysis, which is a part of the performance series Fototot (Photodeath). The performance took place at the Galerie Beyer in Wuppertal, Germany on 5th of March 1976.
Ulay records the sounds in the performance space from another room. After that he enters the performance space. He is standing in front of an audience with a mirror cut in a shape of his figure attached to his naked body. He is wearing a chromed helmet and his face is covered with a mirror-like substance. There is another mirror right in front of him on the floor.
A strong iodine light is switched on towards the public, simultaneously with the sound recorded in the previous room. The public is reflected in the mirror on Ulay. When the sound stops he falls onto the mirror in front of him and destroys the reflection. He remains lying on the floor with his hands tied behind his back.
The performances of the Fototot series which took place at de Appel are the Comparison of Identities (together with Jurgen Klauke), the Environment and the Environment (Documentation). The Change of Identity performance was held at Artfoundation Rotterdam.

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