Connie Beckley "Soundperformance"

Connie Beckley "Soundperformance"

de Appel, Brouwersgracht 196, Amsterdam
1) Black notes White notes 2) Modulation 3) Conversion (with vibraphonist Alfred Peelen) 4) Showdown β€˜In her music, Connie Beckley is concerned with different musical components such as time, space and movement. She does this in a way that could be described as β€˜music for music’s sake’. While the subject may remain constant, she often changes her medium. The music can therefore be perceived through a medium such as theatre or dance and sometimes through a medium related to a painting. Sound is often important in her music, but her ways of expressing a musical idea are very varied so she does not regard sound as indispensable.’ (Invitation De Appel, February 1978.)

Connie Beckley – Performance

archive, 1978

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