Keith James Marie Leahy & Tony Stephens…

Keith James, Marie Leahy & Tony Stephens "Performance"

de Appel, Brouwersgracht 196, Amsterdam
'Statement: what we seek is a restructuring of the original bourgeois aesthetic to achieve an 'opening out' in a sense to widen the term 'art' so that as a linguistic limitation it becomes redundant; as a method of categorisation it becomes useless but as an indefinable abstract it becomes potential. Praxis. Art is no longer made, it exists. Action dread upon a bald head. Contradiction: If existence can have no definite meaning other than what I give it myself, if it has no essence other than its present. Than why should I embroider my actions with meaning, why should I embroider my work with a rational that does not exist?' (Keith James, Marie Leahy & Tony Stephens, invitation De Appel, January 1978.)

Keith James, Marie Leahy & Tony Stephens – Performance

archive, 1978

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