From the archive: Marja Samsom

From the archive: Marja Samsom

de Appel, Prins Hendrikkade 142, Amsterdam

In the context of "Dear Weis" Marja Samsom is presented in Solus. In the 70’s Marja Samsom shows her work in various venues in Los Angeles, New York, Amsterdam and elsewhere in Europe. Under the pseudonym Mbhave or Miss Kerr she plays with the concepts housewife and pin-up.

In 1976 she performs the piece "Miss Kerr ' in de Appel arts centre. In 1980 she travels to New York for "Dutch Treat", an exchange that Wies Smals had set up with Martha Wilson from Franklin Furnace. Marja Samson designs the poster, and shows a performance in Franklin Furnace.
She decides to stay in New York and opens the famous restaurant "The Kitchen Club" and "Chibi's bar"; she is known as the "Dumpling Diva" and even sells “poffertjes” (really small dutch pancakes) in New York.
In 2015 Marja Samson publishes the artist's book "Diary of a Forgotten Actress 1972-1979 ' in collaboration with Inez & Vinoodh. On view in Solus, besides the postcards to Wies Smals in Locus, a registration of the performance "Miss Kerr", various press and archive material and the book "Diary of a Forgotten Actress 1972 - 1979 '.

LocusSolus shows the gems from the collection of de Appel arts centre. Long-lost books, documents or new items that proudly represent her history and lively present, for the lonesome reader and keen viewers.