Frascati, Amsterdam

Primal Virtuosos, Vague Mime, Lunging Non-Moments, That Whole Active/Passive Thing, Sickening Cognitive and Contextual Shifts, and People Who Look Like Boxes standing next to People Who Look Like Tables!

The evening long performance programme Alligators!, organised by the guest curators/artists Ieva MisevičiΕ«tΔ— (LT/NL) and Michael Portnoy (US), will take place in Amsterdam on 13th and 14th November 2010. Alligators! is inspired by early forms of popular entertainment ranging from Japanese Kyōgen, and 19th Century British extravaganzas, to Italian avanspettacolo.

The show consists of contributions by featured artists Christian Jankowski (DE), Erkka Nissinen (FIN), Karen Røise Kielland (NOR/NL), Miet Warlop (BE) and Reggie Watts (US) with a program of directed interludes and inversions.
Alligators! aims to address such questions as—can entertainment, astonishment and laughter be sources of contemplation and platforms for critique, instead of their typical definition as a form of escape and wish-fulfillment? In what ways do jokes and other ruptures of logic generate new imperatives of thought? What is “true showmanship” in the context of contemporary culture? How can an artist deal with spectacular culture and how can they find creative possibilities in an engagement with it, without succumbing to mimicry or superior moralistic criticism?

Juggling the notions of materiality and production, the whole show also functions as an alchemical factory producing at the end a concrete object that will be on display from 16 November to 28 November at de Appel Boys’ School.

Curated by Ieva Miseviciute and Michael Portnoy.
Performed by William Dashwood, Evie M. Portier, Silvia Bennett, Daan Alkemade, Music by Pete Drungle, Scenography by Roel Huisman, Lights by Jan Fedinger, Graphic design by Goda Budvytyte. Produced by de Appel arts Centre and hosted by Frascati WG.

zat 13 en zon 14 nov.

Frascati WG

M.v.B. Bastiaansestraat 54

Toegangsprijs: EU 10.00

Museumjaarkaart/ CJP /Studenten / 65+ / ICOM: EU 7.50

Poster Performance Alligators! – viervoudige posters

affiche, 2010

Performance Alligators!

affiche, 2010

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