The C-Project; a Rendez-vous with…

The C-Project; a Rendez-vous with Claire C


‘I lost it, I’m lost, I lost it, I’m lost, I lost it, I’m lost’. Guillaume Maguire

Some years ago, Sarah Vanhee found an unfinished manuscript by Guillaume Maguire in which the main character is the insecure, unheroic, somewhat lost Claire C. Fascinated by this character, she decided that her story should not be lost.

In The C-Project, Sarah Vanhee finished Maguire's novel by becomming Claire and going in search of the other characters from the book in Amsterdam. This enabled her to find the missing part of Claire's identity, along with the rest of the story. Through various channels, she came into contact with people who considered themselves potential characters in a novel. The book was then written on the basis of their meetings with Claire. 

Where fiction and reality meet is where the imagination is unlocked.

Are the people Claire meets ‘real’ or ‘fictional’? Do they belong to the real world, or to the world of stories? And what about the accidental passers-by? Are they the unnoticed audience for a minimal performance, or do they belong to a greater fiction: have they been written themselves? Every meeting with Claire is a readymade of life in the city. The map of the city becomes a web of stories, the public space is the backdrop to a novel that writes itself. The eyes of another replace the author’s pen.

Every meeting is unique, and this is particularly true of the Rendez-Vous with Claire C, where 'The Miraculous Life of Claire C' is presented in all it's dimensions, colours and layered reality. Ghost-writer Klara Trajcev will be asked by a series of conversation partners about the practical and philosophical aspects of The C-Project, and Claire C will be on hand too, miraculous as ever. 

Wed 8 Dec at 9.30 pm Frascati with Lex Bohlmeijer (nl)

Thu 9 Dec at 9.30 pm Frascati with Linda Polman (eng)

Fri 10 Dec at 8.30 pm the Appel Boys school with Tracy Metz (eng)

Sat 11 Dec at 8.30 pm the Appel Boys' School with Bahram Sadeghi (nl)

Entrance fee €5,-

Book €18,-

Book with reduction €15,-
(reduction is only valid in combination with an entrance ticket, and only on the night of the performance

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