Did you also get a message from Claire…

Did you also get a message from Claire C.?


You may very well have recently received a message from Claire C. in which she invited you to become a character in a novel, to help finish "The Miraculous Life of Claire C". If this idea appeals to you, please feel free to write to her.

Some years ago, Sarah Vanhee found an unfinished manuscript by Guillaume Maguire in which the protagonist is the insecure, unheroic, somewhat lost Claire C. Fascinated by this character, she decided that this story should not be lost.

In C-Project, Sarah Vanhee aims to finish Maguire’s book. Not just by sitting at her desk, but by bringing the protagonist of the novel to life. Claire C. is going in search of the other characters in the book in the city of Amsterdam. Claire’s identity will take shape and the book will develop on the basis of the conversations they have.

You were able to follow Claire C. and her development at http://twitter.com/clairecestmoi.