We dream too hard

We dream too hard

De Zuiderkerk, Amsterdam

The exhibition ‘We dream too hard’ consists of a presentation of eight Art and Culture plans, and a new artwork "Amsterdam 2010" by artist Jan Rothuizen.

The Art and culture maps show the new district structure (as of May 2010 there will be seven districts instead of the current fourteen), but, more especially, of three levels of ‘Art and Culture venues’ in Amsterdam. The levels are marked on seven separate district plans and a plan of the city as a whole: what exists / what is to come / what is being dreamt about.

The maps have been realized by Posad Spatial strategies on the basis of information provided by Dienst Ruimtelijke Ordening of the city of Amsterdam en with the support of Dienst Maatschappelijke Ontwikkeling, Art and Culture department and the Bureau Broedplaatsen of the city of Amsterdam. The exhibition ‘We dream too hard’ is part of the Intendancy Art + Urban Development in Amsterdam of Ann Demeester, director of de Appel arts centre. Demeester was comissioned by alderman Carolien Gehrels of the Municipality of Amsterdam for the purpose of sharpening the debate over the role that art and culture can play in urban (re)development processes.

Practical Information:

Venue: Informatiecentrum Zuiderkerk, Zuiderkerkhof 72, Amsterdam
Entree: free

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