Relly Tarlo "Relating to 5 nature…

Relly Tarlo "Relating to 5 nature factors & Sound environment"

de Appel, Brouwersgracht 196, Amsterdam
Relating to 5 nature factors 'Five given slides of nature factors projected in sequence on the wall. By the artist each particular factor is related to - and described by means of - a structure of primary sounds.' Sound environment 'The sound contains 4 magnetic tapes in which sound is presented as a documentation of concrete street noises and radio noises. Four dancers are bound to 4 tape recorders by 4 headphones, each dancer is responsible for one type of sound. The four dancers will confront a situation which will relate to their being as part of that environment.' (Relly Tarlo, press release De Appel, March 1977.)

Relly Tarlo – Relating to 5 Nature Factors & Sound Environment

archive, 1977

Super 8 filmavond

archive, 1976

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