"The reader must not expect to know…

"The reader must not expect to know where I live"

de Appel, Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 10, Amsterdam
"Master Humphrey's Clock'

From April 19th, the participants of the Curatorial Programme 2007/2008 will present a new part of their project "Master Humphrey's Clock" that will manifest itself from May 11 in the Stanley Brouwn Building and other locations in Leidsche Rijn, Utrecht.

With works by Nick Mangan (AU/DE), Sandy Plotnikoff (CA), Radim Peško and Louis Lüthi (NL) among others.

*Yulia Aksenova, Jesse Birch, Sarah Farrar, Inti Guerrero and Virginija Januskeviciute

For further information see www.masterhumphreysclock.nl

Stanley Brouwn – door: reguliersgracht 27 / amsterdam / 2088 mm x 1111 mm, 1989

collection (unintended), 1989

Sandy Plotnikoff – postcards Master Humphrey's clock

collection (unintended), 2008