Henrik Håkansson "Henrik Håkansson"

Henrik Håkansson "Henrik Håkansson"

de Appel, Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 10, Amsterdam

In his work as an artist, Henrik Håkansson (Helsingborg, 1968) investigates the relationship between people, animals, insects and plants, and various forms of science. He does so by taking the role of a biologist and discoverer. His approach springs from a fascination for biological structures. Through his observations, he aims to close the gap with nature and to make the viewer receptive to natural processes. Håkansson regards birds as key to the installations and films he is presenting at De Appel. Images of the Bali Starling (or Bali Mynah), a bird which is native to the Indonesian island of Bali, and of migrating flocks of starlings, jungle plants, birdcages, LPs and maps go together to create an overview of Håkansson's artistic quest.

Poster Henrik Hakansson

affiche, 2003