Silvia Steiger "Found signs from a…

Silvia Steiger "Found signs from a landscape"

De Zuiderkerk, Amsterdam
‘In the Zuiderkerk in Amsterdam, Silvia Steiger is showing a part of the world. What she’s showing, to be precise, is that part of the dunes near Castricum known as Vogelduin. Steiger has brought this area to light once again by spending a year walking there almost every day and being astonished at the signs she saw on her path. These were not signs of law and order, not the borders of the passable and the impassable, but the inconspicuous signs that had something personal to say to her. Steiger searches for relationships and meaning in the way twigs lie, in the shape assumed by a growing clump of grass, by noting it all down, taking pictures, classifying it. She writes: 'In the valley lie the signs - signs of some kind of order, of a purpose that I am seeking. If I know the goal, I no longer need the signs and the work is then complete.' (...) Steiger has photographed 35 walks, capturing a picture of what she found in 35 rolls of film. The enormous space of the Zuiderkerk enables her to show the entire work, giving visitors access to Silvia Steiger’s personal dune landscape.’ (Press release, De Appel)