James Lee Byars "Exhibition JLB"

James Lee Byars "Exhibition JLB"

de Appel, Brouwersgracht 196, Amsterdam
'Throughout the year 1981, James Lee Byars, in connection with his exhibition JLB, which ran from the very first to the very last moment of the year, has maintained written contact with De Appel. The letters are handsomely written in gold and silver on black, red, and pink paper. The paper is often cut into hearts, circles, ovals, triangles, or long strips. The texts describe instructions for De Appel with the intention of having them carried out. De Appel brought a number of these to realization.' (De Appel, 2 (1982) 1, p. 33.) January 1 1981, 1 a.m.: opening Exhibition JLB palmhouse Hortus Botanicus, Amsterdam January 1 1981, 1 p.m.: The Perfect Question, palmhouse Hortus Botanicus, Amsterdam. ‘The Perfect Question is a printed book with imaginary covers. This is an oral classic. Q = O. Listen, you hear O in the atmosphere.’ April 9 1981, 7 p.m.: seven persons whispered ‘James Lee’ in front of the building of De Appel July 29 1981: De Appel addresses a request to Her Majesty the Queen of The Netherlands asking whether James Lee Byars may become her personal artist. On August 4 Her Majesty the Queen replies that the request is under consideration. On August 18 Her Majesty regrets that she is unable to comply the request for the time being August 23 1981, 1 p.m.: The Very Great Search for James Lee Byars, Hortus Botanicus, Amsterdam. ‘Foundation De Appel invites you to search for James Lee Byars at the Hortus Botanicus, Amsterdam on Sunday August 23 from 1 p.m.’ After December 31 1981, De Appel published a report about the Exhibition JLB in the first bulletin of 1982.