Ulay / Marina Abramovic "Communist Body…

Ulay / Marina Abramovic "Communist Body – Capitalist Body & That Self"

Akhnaton, Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 25, Amsterdam
Presentation of two films: Communist Body - Capitalist Body (1979, 50 minutes) and That Self (1980, 60 minutes, with live sound introduction). The films were shown to a limited number of visitors at Akhnaton, Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 25, Amsterdam; the first around midnight, the second at 4 a.m.. That Self: 'We had training in hypnosis. Our aims were to search and explore the subconscious. We chose to realize three colour fields and four visions which were described by us under that treatment. The four visions were translated into performances for film [: Point of Contact (1980), Rest Energy (1980), Nature of Mind (1980) and Timeless Point of View (1980)].' Communist Body - Capitalist Body (November 30th, 1979, Zoutkeetsgracht 116/118, Amsterdam): 'The performance installation consists of: Two tables placed parallel to each other. One table is set with: a white damask table cloth, damask napkins, porcelain dishes, crystal champagne glasses, table silver, German champagne and caviar. The other table is set with: a copy of the newspaper Pravda, toilet paper, enamel dishes, enamel cups, aluminium knives and forks, Russian champagne and caviar. On a third table our birth certificates are displayed: Marina, born November 30th, 1946 in Belgrade/Yugoslavia. Her certificate bears a government stamp showing the communist star. Ulay, born November 30th, 1943 in Solingen/Germany. His certificate bears a government stamp showing the swastika. Ten meters behind the two tables a mattress with a white sheet and a red blanket is placed. Eleven guests are invited to come fifteen minutes before midnight. The performance: We sleep on the mattress, covered by a white sheet and a red blanket.' (Marina Abramovic & Frank Uwe Laysiepen, Ulay/Abramovic. Performances 1976-1988, Eindhoven (Stedelijk Van Abbemuseum) 1997, pp. 66, 71.)

Communist Body – Capitalist Body & That Self

archive, 1980