Dale Franks "A bear's paw"

Dale Franks "A bear's paw"

de Appel, Brouwersgracht 196, Amsterdam
‘He put on a thick glove because it was bitterly cold. He then had the impression that the glove had grown into a bear’s paw, and he lost his mind. The fingers were closed over the folded thumb in a fist. An attempt at exploration.... A general sense of revulsion, breaking out in a sweat.’ Dale Franks on his performance A bear's paw: ‘Various sentences appear. They follow each other one by one. Each sentence imposes a situation that is the sum total of all the previous sentences. These neutral sentences are like dry sponges that absorb the situation. The situation consists of electric tension. Each sentence might be a first sentence. Then the law of opposites dominates, attraction and repulsion. The machine now works by electrical power.’ (Dale Franks, invitation De Appel, September 1980.)

Dale Franks (MSCCCPL) – A Bear’s Paw

archive, 1980