Sven Augustijnen / Nathalie Bruys…

Sven Augustijnen / Nathalie Bruys "Cinema Sounds Synergy V"

de Appel, Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 10, Amsterdam
Nathalie Bruys, 3 MINUTE STAR VEHICLE, 2002
Β© Ernst Moritz, Den Haag / The Hague

Cinema: Sven Augustijnen, L'École des pickpockets, 2000 ‘The videowork L'École des pickpockets by Sven Augustijnen was made on the occasion of Brussels 2000, Cultural Capital of Europe. Artists infiltrated with works into the underground tram connection that links the North and South Stations in Brussels. In his video Augustijnen shows how two experienced, professional pickpockets transform an aspiring pickpocket into a promising talent in just a few hours training in a closed-off rehearsal space. The student is initiated step by step into the philosophy of the trade, whereby the various moves that constitute this approximating handicraft are demonstrated and practised. Several trial runs are also carried out on willing volunteers, picked by chance from an adjacent street.’ (Press release De Appel) Nathalie Bruys, New work, 2002 ‘Nathalie Bruys makes music, does radio, performance/installation pieces ('Air de P-P-Paradis', Stedelijk Bureau Amsterdam) and she also makes videos, besides producing records and cd's, programming events and performing as a DJ. Nathalie's alter ego KODI has produced remarkable pieces and performances for radio WORM as well as The 'Kunstvlaai' and Dot.nu. For De Appel Bruys presents new work.’ (Press release De Appel)

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