Christoph Girardet / Mark Leckey / Tejo…

Christoph Girardet / Mark Leckey / Tejo Remy "Cinema Sounds Synergy VI"

de Appel, Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 10, Amsterdam
Christoph Girardet, Enlighten, 2000
Β© Christoph Girardet

Cinema: Mark Leckey, Fiorucci made me hardcore, 1999 ‘Mark Leckey is the author of no more than a handful of works that ruminate on the social, emotional and spiritual fabric of contemporary Britisch youth culture. His video The Fiorucci made me hardcore was compiled from ‘found footage.’ It documents the appearance of the British underground dance culture from the early 70s to the late 80s. His art possesses a strange nonartlike quality, operating as it does on the knife's edge where art meets life.’ (Press release De Appel) Sounds: Christoph Girardet, Enlighten, 2000 ‘Enlighten is a collage of scenes of lightning taken from existing movies. The images have been artificially constructed for the silver screen. These are clichés designed to evoke drama, divine powers and destiny calling. Taken out of their narrative context, they become signs resonant with emotion. The rhythmic montage and the synchronised sound editing heighten the intensity of the images. The alternation of light and dark creates the illusion of an electrical appliance being turned on and off.’ Synergy: Tejo Remy, S.I.G.S.I.S., April 6 through October 20, 2002 ‘Invited by De Appel Tejo Remy designs during the months April through October 'S.I.G.S.I.G.' (Should I Go or Should I Stay). A work in progress in which interaction between knowledge and design takes place. A place where the audience can meet and where different forms of presentation will be exhibited such as videos, books and live events. Tejo Remy: "Starting with an empty square to which functions, consisting of furniture objects that can grow and change according to the required function, can be added as required...".’ (Press release De Appel)

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