12 Films a selection by visual artists

12 Films, a selection by visual artists

de Appel, Brouwersgracht 196, Amsterdam
Eleven artists and an artists collective were invited to select a film that would be shown in 6 Dutch theatres. Inspired by their personal choice, each artist would make a new work that was exhibited in De Appel on December 12. The artists selected the following films: Vito Acconci: Phantom of the paradise, Brian de Palma, 1974, 91 minuten Barbara Bloom: Alphaville, Jean-Luc Godard, 1965, 98 minutes Susan A. Davis: In a lonely place, Nicolas Ray, 1950, 94 minutes Feminist Theory Group (Judith Barry, Sandy Flitterman, Barbara Howard and Linda J. Shapiro): India song, Marguerite Duras, 1975, 95 minutes Tomislav Gotovac: A place in the sun, George Stevens, 1951, 122 minutes Dan Graham: The lickerish quartet, Radley Metzger, 1970 Pieter Holstein: Mani sulla citta, Francesco Rosi, 1963, 85 minutes Sherrie Levine: The naked kiss, Samuel Fuller, 1965, 92 minutes Raùl Marroquin: Cleopatra, Joseph Mankiewicz, 1963, 186 minutes David Salle: Sign of the pagan, Douglas Sirk, 1954, 92 minutes Marja Samsom: Un chant d'amour, Jean Genet, 1950, 35 minutes Naomi Shoham: One million B.C., Hall Roach sr. & jr., 1940, 80 minutes The films were shown in the following theatres: Cinecenter-Amsterdam, Studio-Groningen, Springhaver-Utrecht (November 29 through December 5), Het Kijkhuis-The Hague, De Vleeshal-Middelburg (December 6 through 12) and 't Venster-Rotterdam (December 7 through 8). On the occasion of this project, a catalogue was published: 12 films, een keuze van beeldende kunstenaars, Amsterdam (Foundation De Appel) 1979.

Poster 12 films

affiche, 1979

12 Films choice by Vito Acconci Press Photos off the film “Phantom of the Paradise” by Brian De Palma

collection (unintended), 1979

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