12 Films a selection by visual artists

12 Films, a selection by visual artists

de Appel, Brouwersgracht 196, Amsterdam
Eleven artists and an artists collective were invited to select a film that would be shown in 6 Dutch theatres. Inspired by their personal choice, each artist would make a new work that was exhibited in De Appel on December 12. The artists selected the following films: Vito Acconci: Phantom of the paradise, Brian de Palma, 1974, 91 minuten Barbara Bloom: Alphaville, Jean-Luc Godard, 1965, 98 minutes Susan A. Davis: In a lonely place, Nicolas Ray, 1950, 94 minutes Feminist Theory Group (Judith Barry, Sandy Flitterman, Barbara Howard and Linda J. Shapiro): India song, Marguerite Duras, 1975, 95 minutes Tomislav Gotovac: A place in the sun, George Stevens, 1951, 122 minutes Dan Graham: The lickerish quartet, Radley Metzger, 1970 Pieter Holstein: Mani sulla citta, Francesco Rosi, 1963, 85 minutes Sherrie Levine: The naked kiss, Samuel Fuller, 1965, 92 minutes RaΓΉl Marroquin: Cleopatra, Joseph Mankiewicz, 1963, 186 minutes David Salle: Sign of the pagan, Douglas Sirk, 1954, 92 minutes Marja Samsom: Un chant d'amour, Jean Genet, 1950, 35 minutes Naomi Shoham: One million B.C., Hall Roach sr. & jr., 1940, 80 minutes The films were shown in the following theatres: Cinecenter-Amsterdam, Studio-Groningen, Springhaver-Utrecht (November 29 through December 5), Het Kijkhuis-The Hague, De Vleeshal-Middelburg (December 6 through 12) and 't Venster-Rotterdam (December 7 through 8). On the occasion of this project, a catalogue was published: 12 films, een keuze van beeldende kunstenaars, Amsterdam (Foundation De Appel) 1979.

Poster 12 films

affiche, 1979

12 Films choice by Vito Acconci Press Photos off the film β€œPhantom of the Paradise” by Brian De Palma

collection (unintended), 1979

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