Vito Acconci "The peoplemobile"

Vito Acconci "The peoplemobile"

Dam, Amsterdam

In cooperation with Forum 79 Audio-Visueel in Middelburg, the Museum Boymans Van-Beuningen in Rotterdam, the Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven and the Corps de Garde Foundation in Groningen, Vito Acconci and De Appel Foundation organized The peoplemobile, a project for five Dutch city squares. The locations, listed consecutively, were: Dam Square, Amsterdam (17-19 May), Dam Square, Middelburg (24-26 May), the Schouwburg Square, Rotterdam (31 May-2 June), Town Hall Square, Eindhoven (5-7 June) and finally the Great Market, Groningen (13-15 June). The peoplemobile consisted of a lorry, twenty-eight metal panels measuring 200 x 90 x 6 cm, and sound equipment. The peoplemobile went to locations chosen by Acconci and remained there for three days, where a different construction was built each day: a table with bench, a hut or a wall. Four speakers were placed on the lorry and broadcast specially made sounds and messages at the location. (Press release De Appel)

Vito Acconci – The PeopleMobile

affiche, 1979

Vito Acconci “The PeopleMobile” Photographs

photograph, 1979

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