Tobe J. Carey / Ernest Gusella…

Tobe J. Carey / Ernest Gusella "Videoworks"

de Appel, Brouwersgracht 196, Amsterdam
Ernest Gusella After graduating as a painter, Gusella started making video art in 1970. He produced and manipulated image and sound using a video synthesizer with preprogrammed effects. He experimented with abstract video works for the first four years. From 1974 onwards, he started recording himself on video while ritualistically repeating actions and sounds. Tobe J. Carey Presentation of five videoworks: Zadie and the bar Mitzvah (1975), 25 minutes, black-white, sound: documentary on Carey's grandfather and his cousins bar, the Mitzvah. Road kills (1976), 10 minutes, colour, sound: documentary on animals that are run over and killed on highways. No nukes (1976), 11 minutes, colour, sound: documentary on the demonstration that preceded the occupation of the nuclear power station in Seabrook, New Hampshire, that was under construction. A small self portrait (1977), 5 minutes, black-white Solaris (1978), 3 minutes, colour (Invitation De Appel, March/April 1978.)

Tobe J Carey & Ernest Gusella – Videowerken

archive, 1978

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