Klaus vom Bruch "Nichts wie weg"

Klaus vom Bruch "Nichts wie weg"

de Appel, Brouwersgracht 196, Amsterdam
β€˜During recordings for a video to document the events of the autumn of 1977 (the Mogadishu hijack, Stammheim prison suicides), a period when I was glued to the TV set day and night, the TV itself became the permanent centre of action. The news broadcasts set the course of my day and evening. I was physically present but tried to escape. In Nichts wie weg, the television set forces me to the ground. The monitor shows a parade of various nations (Parade der Nationen), but the time of the decision for a nation lasts only 45 seconds - not long enough to think or to walk away. Still lying on the ground, I sit here.’ (Klaus vom Bruch, Cologne April 1978, invitation De Appel, May/June 1978.)

Klaus Vom Bruch – Nichts Wie Weg

archive, 1978

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