Jaleesa Clows and Kymani Ceder – In…

Jaleesa Clows and Kymani Ceder – In conversation


Perspectives on Pope.L's Togetherness

Jaleesa Clows and Kymani Ceder
In conversation

Jaleesa Clows, neighborhood resident and close friend of the Appel, will be in conversation with former neighborhood resident and videographer Kymani Ceder. Both will bring you their perspective on the video work Togetherness by artist Pope.L. They will ask critical questions about the artwork and the art institution in relation to the Appel's neighborhood and society as a whole. What are the stories the artist wants to share that we don't yet know? What story does this artwork want to tell? What role can this video work play in our society and in our personal lives? What do we take with us after engaging with it?

This conversation is the starting point of a rich discussion through which we will connect Pope.L's work to de Appel's living environment and its potential impact for the Amsterdam Nieuw-West district and far beyond.

You are very welcome to join this conversation. Participation is free, but make sure to sign up via this link for a spot. Please note that this event starts at 5:00 pm. Would you like to watch Pope.L's work before that? Then make sure to arrive 30 minutes earlier.

About the speakers

Jaleesa Clows by Raymond van Mil

Jaleesa Clows (33) was born and raised in Amsterdam and lives in Nieuw-West. After her studies, she ended up in the music business, as a music programmer. Soon her interest grew more towards radio and for the past four years she has presented her own radio program Young Urban Sound on SALTO Amsterdam. Through this path she ended up at the radio station FunX, where she worked as a producer. Currently, Jaleesa is mainly working in the cultural sector. She works as an Outreach & Inclusion employee at Museum Rembrandthuis and is employed as a cultural explorer New West for the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts. Jaleesa also works as a freelancer in various positions, such as making radio and podcasts.

Kymani Ceder 

Kymani Ceder is an Amsterdam-born filmmaker and artist who graduated with Honours from the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Utrecht in late 2021 as a film director (audiovisual media course). She mainly focuses on creating poetic short films. During her studies she did an internship in Miami at the film production company "Filmgate" where she gained many new insights, connections and experiences. Together with Robin Ramos, she wrote,directed and produced the short film The Crown. The Crown has screened at several film festivals and exhibitions.