Lydia Schouten "Breaking through the…

Lydia Schouten "Breaking through the circle"

de Appel, Brouwersgracht 196, Amsterdam
‘Three lines cross the floor of the gallery room. The first is of treacle, the second of feathers and the third a string of hearts. As the public enters, a melody (Für Elise) is playing on a music box; it repeats continually throughout the performance. Once everyone is seated, I enter and start rolling slowly through the treacle, so that it is spread over my body, followed by the feathers and the hearts. Then I start turning slowly inside a marked circle. After a while, I break the hearts one by one. The performance ends when the last heart is broken.’ (Lydia Schouten)

Susan Mogul – Untitled

collection (unintended), 1978

Renate Bertlmann – Defloration in 14 Stationen, 1977

collection (unintended), 1978

Manon – Walk on the wild side! Four B/W Photographs shown in environment “Sentimental Journey” during Feministische Kunst Internationaal

collection (unintended), 1977

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