Anna Paci "Picture stitch"

Anna Paci "Picture stitch"

de Appel, Brouwersgracht 196, Amsterdam
'The instruments: a loom, the cloth, the colours. The brush is the needle that, dipped in the colour (which is the equivalent of the embroidery thread) repeats the ancient gesture of sewing: sense of the time, affective function, denied creativity, aphonous voice of history. 'To dip the needle-acus in the colour' (acus, root ac, acuere is: to sharpen) it is like to dip in the colour the brush peniculus (little penis, the membrum virile), symbol of the male active tradition as the acknowledged instrument of power master of history, intrinsic value of creativity, means thus to turn into 'active' the 'passive' made instrumental against women as well as against the minorities, the differents. The acupicture is not only another technique, but the gesture of an overdue compensation.' (Anna Paci, 'Picture Stich', Feministische Kunst Internationaal, Amsterdam (Foundation De Appel) 1978, p. 12.)

Susan Mogul – Untitled

collection (unintended), 1978

Renate Bertlmann – Defloration in 14 Stationen, 1977

collection (unintended), 1978

Manon – Walk on the wild side! Four B/W Photographs shown in environment β€œSentimental Journey” during Feministische Kunst Internationaal

collection (unintended), 1977

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