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Native Foreigners – Ulises Carrión

Native Foreigners – Ulises Carrión

Join our live radio broadcast event with talks, screenings and drinks on Ulises Carrión, at De Appel (thinks) on Saturday the 22nd of April from 19.00 at Schipluidenlaan 12 in Amsterdam.

The event is broadcasted by three radio stations in Mexico City, Athens and Amsterdam, and is taking place from 19:00 to 22:00 at De Appel (thinks). Sara Giannini (Unfold) initiated Native Foreigners in the context of the exhibition Ulises Carrión; Dear Reader, Don’t Read at Museo Jumex in Mexico.

During the listening session in De Appel Archive, you can listen to the recordings by Ja Ja Ja Nee Nee Nee radio with Martín La Roche Contreras, Sabrina Kamstra, Tineke Reijnders, Corinne Groot, Vinicius Marquet, Nell Donkers and Guus van Engelshoven.

from: Museo Jumex, Mexico City De Appel, Amsterdam Documenta 14, Parko Eleftherias, Athens
through: Radia Tropiezo, Mexico City 12 PM – 3 PM (GMT- 6) Ja Ja Ja Nee Nee Nee, Amsterdam 7 PM – 10 PM (CEST) Cannibal Radio, Athens 8 PM – 11 PM (EEST) (part of Every Time A Ear di Soun, a documenta 14 Radio Project)
There are special pieces of the archive and artist’s books on show and you can view Carrión’s video ‘Bookworks revisited. Part 1: a selection’ from the Lima collection. The Trios & Boleros bar serves cocktails and snacks. During the discussion at the end of the radio broadcast, you can ask questions to the radio makers in Mexico City, Athens and Amsterdam. Ulises Carrión (1941-1989) came to live in Amsterdam in 1970. He presented himself as a poet, writer, artist and philosopher. He was connected to the In-Out Center, an artists' initiative run by international artists in Amsterdam. After the closure of In-Out Center in 1975 he opened Other Books and So, an unconventional bookstore and gallery, that was known as an international distributor of artists' books and Mail Art. After Other Books and So, he worked on the development of projects that he described as "cultural strategies", including ‘Gossip, scandal and good manners’ and ‘Lilia Prado Superstar Filmfestival’ at De Appel.
How’s Your Research? Ulises Carrión – De Appel Archive The Archive of De Appel is regularly consulted by researchers working on the same topics. To share their knowledge and insights with each other, De Appel organises private gatherings where these researchers to exchange ideas. Participants of the Ulises Carrión Research Group are Tineke Reijnders, Corinne Groot, Vinicius Marquet, Sara Giannini, Arnisa Zeqo and Floor van Luijk.

De Appel (thinks) Schipluidenlaan 12 Amsterdam

  • 1 Schipluidenlaan 12, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Initiated by the web publishing/archiving platform Unfold in the context of Ulises Carrión’s retrospective Dear Reader. Don’t Read at Museo Jumex in collaboration with the Society of Friends of Ulises Carrión, Parlament of Bodies, documenta 14 and the Ulisses Carrión Research Group, De Appel, Amsterdam. Unfold is a project by Sara Giannini and is funded by Vision Forum. - Guests at de Appel: Nell Donkers, Martín La Roche Contreras, Corinne Groot, Sabrina Kamstra, Vinicius Marquet, Tineke Reijnders Presented by Guus van Engelshoven - Guests at documenta 14: Natasha Ginwala, Kyrillos Sarris and Cecilia Vicuna Presented by Arnisa Zeqo - Guests at Jumex Museum: Sara Giannini, Per Hüttner, Tamara Ibarra, Mauricio Marcín, Eric Namour, Nicolás Pradilla Presented by Christian Camacho.

Native Foreigners inaugurates the building up of Unfold’s closing issue dedicated to Ulises Carrión (Summer 2018).

Unfold is a project by Sara Giannini and is funded by Vision Forum. For more information, visit

Download: Radio Corrine, Carrion open call Listen to the podcast here.
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